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I needed a trainer like pete to push me!

When I walked in the gyn first time I had two goals – to get physically fit and to improve my overall health. At age 50. I could feel the extra pounds pulling me down physically and mentally: additionally. I had little in the way of physical strength (core or otherwise): and my coordination was out the window.

Being a complete rookie at physical fitness. I knew I would need a very determined trainer if I was going to achieve my goals. Therefore. I looked for someone who would push me beyond my comfort zone – that was pete! I signed up with pete as my personal trainer and so began two years of hard work and change – two very good years of hard work and change!

We started with the circuit equipment, working on building up the strength in my arms and shoulders. It was so hard at first. I cried. I was disappointed at my slow progress but pete never gave up or got impatient. He just worked with me, pushing for one more.” then 15 (as it always does with pete) turned into 16. And it was one more. One more and you’re done.” (what an ogre!)

Pete is big on ”focus” – he checks that I am doing exercises correctly and that my mind has not wandered off somewhere. That’s how he gets the one more that makes for a good workout. Pete also stresses good nutrition. He says that good nutrition goes hand-in-hand with physical fitness (-you can’t have one without the other”).

Where am I today? I feel I am on the way to reaching my goals of physical fitness and good health. I am definitely stronger and more coordinated. My diet has improved. Thanks to pete’s suggestions. And I have a better outlook on life. I could never have made such progress over the past two years without pete’s help (pushing me)! They were good pushes – needed them.

Thanks. Pete!


Pete encourages me to do more then I think I can. First he “does no harm’, then he makes me sweat and smile.

In November 2010, I was a healthy, retired 62 year old, then a tree branch fell down into my car window and landed in my lap while I was driving. I was sent to shock Trauma and spent the next 10 months in bed with severe abdominal injuries and a left leg it couldn’t move. After several surgeries the doctor patched me up and saved my leg. Then there was months of physical therapy but it was a long way from “back to normal”.

In the fall of 2012 the docs were done with me but my mobility was still impaired and my blood pressure, weight and general health were not where it needed to be. I went to gym and signed up with Pete as my personal trainer. We discussed my physical disabilities and I asked if he “could make things better”. He said, “Yes” he could; and the way he said it, I believed him! We set up a schedule and I knew that this was going to be a team effort because it was my responsibility to be there at the appointed time, ready to work and ready to be PUSHED! It was Pete’s job as a trainer to push me and wake up the long-dormant muscles in my body. And, PUSH he did… like a drill sergeant… counting and counting and counting. But, to his credit, Pete is a drill sergeant with a SMILE! He actually makes the hard work and exercise FUN, complementing each little improvement and pushing for more! One thing I really appreciate about him is that he has a sixth sense about HOW FAR to push… never TOO FAR. So, I trust his opinion on what I can and cannot do.

Sometimes, when it seems we have hit a wall with some exercise, Pete is there to advise and find a way to negotiate another small improvement. And, it is not always one-way; I give him push-back but, in the end, we are always moving forward. “He makes me do things I would never do myself”. As the days and months go by, my body has improved. The aerobics helped me feel stronger. At the beginning, I couldn’t do more than 3 minutes of aerobics; now I can do 20 minutes! For me, that Is a major accomplishment!

One day in February 2013 I felt the pain of live nerves in my left leg; maybe it’s not dead after all! We were encouraged and exited. I plan to continue working with Pete to see how much sensation and function we can bring back my abdomen and leg. “As long as I see changes and Improvements, I will be coming to work with Pete!


On the road to recovery with Pete

I was a mess when I fell off the ladder six years ago and broke my ankle. After three reconstructive surgeries and extensive therapy at Chesapeake, I was still very weak and could barely walk with the aid of a cane. My orthopedic doctor recommended that I continue my therapy at the gym. I knew this was a big undertaking and would require my full attention, so 1 said goodbye to friends at work and retired from my government job at the end of October 2011. The next week, I went to gym and signed up with my personal trainer, Pete Mitic.

I didn’t know what to expect, so I told Pete, “I will do six sessions and see If I like you.” Happily, working with Pete turned out to be fun! He has a great personality and is always supportive of his clients’ efforts. I was particularly impressed with his knowledge of health and physical fitness. The confidence he had in himself was contagious and soon I came to believe that together we could build up my strength and improve the functioning of my ankle and leg.

We started with aqua therapy two days a week; then Pete added the exercise bike. The first time, I was so stiff I couldn’t put my leg up to get on the bike; Pete had to help me. After just three minutes I was in pain and had to stop for the day. Now, I am able to do 30 minutes easily on the bike—though I would die of boredom if it were not from my !Pod playing Latin music as I peddle and peddle and peddle…Eventually, Pete added various strength-building exercises, notably the (muy terrible) leg extension machine, designed (I said) to “crush my bones.” This summer, I signed up for the Aqua Zumba class on Thursday. It is FANTASTIC! I love the music!

Pete is a very caring person, which is much appreciated by his clients who have physical disabilities or are recovering from injuries or surgery (e.g., hip and knee surgery). He assesses each client’s condition on a daily basis and works with them to achieve maximum improvement. After a year with Pete as my personal trainer, my hard work (and his) is paying off! Recently, I met one of the women from my old job. She commented, “You look so good, you are walkingl” And in October, I went up to New York to visit my family. They were surprised too, “You are doing so good,” they said! These days, I can walk easily (although for now I still keep a cane handy). And miracle of miracles, I can reach down to pick things up “without even thinking about it.” I am enjoying retirement and looking forward to the future. “Muchas gracias,” Pete, for your patience and support.


He is dedicated to making sure I see results

My reason for hiring a personal trainer was to motivate myself to actually get to the gym while getting the best out of the time I spent there. I have always had reasons for not making it to the gym. I told myself that there were more fun or important things to do with my time, but really the problem was one of boredom and a lack of obvious results when I worked out by myself.

Also, since I had an interest in weightlifting, I needed assistance and I wasn’t comfortable asking other people at the gym for help in making sure my form was correct or to spot me.

I have been working with Pete for almost 8 months and I look forward to every session. The best thing about working with Pete is that he is dedicated to making sure that I see results. I see results as each week goes by in my endurance, strength and appearance, and I look forward to being coached, supported, and generally having a great time. Coaching pushes me harder than I could ever accomplish on my own, and having Pete to plan a different schedule and variety of exercises on a weekly basis is wonderful.

One of my goals is to participate in and eventually really compete in 5k events like the Warrior Dash. After 5 months with Pete I ran my first event and felt really good about my performance. I know I will do better next year, but this year was great – I will never forget how it felt to cross the finish line for the first time, coated from head to toe in mud. I LOVE mud!


The right trainer at the right time

I have been a member of gym for more than 7 years and have had the opportunity to work with a number of excellent personal trainers. However, when I became pregnant eight months ago (my second child), it was very reassuring to have Pete as my personal trainer. I can sum it up in one sentence—

“Pete Is the best there is; you won’t go wrong following his advice on exercise, nutrition, and attitude!”

About a year ago, not long after signing up with Pete, I found out I was pregnant—NO connection (ha, ha). Then came the roller-coaster ride of morning sickness, nausea, vomiting and, of course, lethargy. As my personal trainer, Pete has been by my side the whole time. Together we consulted with my doctor and together we decided what I should and should not do at various stages of the pregnancy. Always the professional, Pete took it upon himself to do extensive research on the safest exercise options for pregnant women—now I think he knows more about the subject than I do!

With many training certificates and awards to his credit, Pete knows a lot about physical fitness. This background enables him to create individualized programs for his clients that suit their specific health needs. Working with Pete is definitely NOT a one-size-fits-all experience and he goes above and beyond for his clients! I am eight months along now and I have to say, without Pete’s help I Would not have been able to maintain my current level of fitness and activity. Pete monitors.every move, assessing my abilities and limitations; then he tailors workouts to fit my needs that day. Most important for me, I am confident that under Pete’s supervision my baby and I are safe and in good hands.

There are many trainers out there, but if you want one who will care for you, who will work with you to the level of your ability, who will be flexible when the situation demands and firm when you need a push…then, I say, look no further…

Pete is the BEST there isl Thank you Pete, for all that you do for me, everyday…